5-Star Movie Ratings
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Released November 18, 2011)

Let me start off by saying that I am not really into the Twilight series. When it comes to Twilight all I know is “Team Jacob” against “Team Edward.” When it came to this movie all I kept hearing was how great it was and how it was the best movie out of the entire series.

I cant vouch for the previous movies, but I must say this movie was awesome! The best thing about this movie is that the story is relatively compact. No evil vampires, just the same central characters everyone has come to know. Dealing first with Edward and Bella’s wedding and then her pregnancy with the half-vampire, half-human baby that grows so quickly it threatens her life. Strangely, Bella winds up isolated from almost everyone andduring her pregnancy remains strangely distant, even when she appears to need him most. Take it from me, this movie will have you leaving the theater anxious to see part 2.

Happy Feet 2 (Released November 18, 2011)

I just got home from seeing this movie and I just want to start off by saying Happy Feet 2 is such a cute movie! It is still set in a world where penguins express themselves through song and dance with live action. This time, we follow the dream of a penguin named Mumble, and his pals, using their smooth moves to save the penguin nation that gradually gets lost in a wider crisis which threatens the lives of their entire clan. Will they conquer their mission to save their nation, or will they fail and suffer the consequences? I want tell you the ending but I will say that it is definitely worth watching!

Jack and Jill (Released November 11, 2011)

I want to start off by saying that this movie had mixed reviews. Before I went to see the movie I looked at its reviews and either you loved it or you hated it, you couldnt be in between. Personally, when I saw the movie I enjoyed it, it was a good movie. I am a Adam Sandler fan but I felt like the character he played, “Jill”, had much more jokes than Adam Sandler did. Even though half the jokes were stupid, I really enjoyed myself. The movie is about Adam Sandler being a successful advertising diretor in Las Angeles with the perfect family; two kids and a beautiful wife. His twin sister, Jill comes to visit them for Thanksgiving and he is not looking forward to it. She arrives with an open-ended plane ticket and a knack for worming her way into Erin and the kids’ hearts. They want her to stay. Jack wants her gone…that is, until film star Al Pacino falls head over heels in love with Jill. You’ll have fun watching it, i definitley did!

Paranormal Activity 3 (Released October 21, 2011)

Well, I just got back from Paranormal Activity 3, and let me tell you, if you were a fan of the original film, and have been looking forward to this film for quite some time, just like I have, than you will most certainly not be disappointed. The R Rating, like the rest of the films in the series, is definitely there for a reason. There is even more violence this time around, with a lot of physical altercations with spirits, a few on screen murders and a very graphic on-screen conclusion of one of the main characters. Also, another first for the series, there is a very brief depiction of drug use early on in the movie with one of the main characters smoking a marijuana joint. Well, I’m only going to say this one more time: If your a fan of the series, then you are probably already seen it but if you haven’t, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? The movie isn’t in theatres much longer.